Tired of açaí in a glass? You won’t believe the recipes you can make with the fruit

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Acai in a glass has become a dessert in many parts of Brazil. The most common is to put a lot of side dishes in the container with the fruit pulp: chocolate, strawberry, granola and even powdered milk are just a few of them. But anyone who thinks that it is only possible to enjoy the fruit like this is wrong. Açaí can be used as an ingredient for sauces for savory dishes, cakes, pudding and even brigadeiro. These are recipes that run away from the obvious and will guarantee a different and delicious flavor to your dishes. Unsubscribe!

Grilled Chicken With Acai Sauce

Nothing like augmenting everyday recipes with new flavors. The roasted chicken with açaí also has pepper, thyme and even white wine. Unsubscribe!

Pork loin with açaí

Pork and açaí in the same dish. Here’s how to make this restaurant-worthy combination at home.

acai bread

Making homemade bread is always an opportunity to unleash your creativity and play with the flavors of the dough. Acai bread is another nutritious and very tasty option worth trying.

acai cake

One cup of acai pulp is enough to make this cake. It’s sweet in the right measure and perfect for a snack.

Acai and walnut cake

Acai and nuts go together! If you’ve never thought about mixing the two ingredients, it’s time to change your mind. This cake is ready in 30 minutes and the chocolate sauce can make all the difference when it’s served!

Coconut Acai Cake

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Tired of açaí in a glass? You won’t believe the recipes you can make with the fruit

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