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Chicken Boiled in Syrup: TikTok’s viral recipe for kids to get high

The drug is used to cure colds and flu in the US. The problem is that it has the same effects as illegal drugs.

The children all wanted to repeat.

Chicken marinated and cooked with cough syrup. The recipe was shared over and over by young Americans and quickly went viral. The “NyQuil Chicken,” as it has become known on TikTok, uses a medicine to relieve common cold and flu symptoms. In its composition we find paracetamol, dextromethorphan and doxylamine (an antihistamine with calming effects).

The recipe consists of replacing any seasoning with syrup, and letting the chicken marinate in that liquid. It is then cooked over low heat, where the syrup evaporates and the chicken takes on a green hue. Once this process is over, all that is left is to serve.

The drug used is marketed in the United States, called NyQuil and is not subject to medical prescription. This green liquid is often used to treat cold and flu symptoms. Yet already it is known in the country as a legal alternative to recreational drugs. Since it is sold in any pharmacy, access is quite easy. Which justifies why it has become an obsession for so many young people. According to the Addiction Center Institute, which regulates drug use in that country, “some people, especially teenagers, take large doses to get high”.

One of the substances present in the composition of this syrup, DXM, when taken in higher than recommended doses, affects the brain, causing hallucinations and euphoria. It is estimated that about 3 percent of 18-year-old Americans have abused this type of drug to try to have fun.. Abuse of DXM is often referred to as “skitling” or “robo-tripping”.

As soon as they realized the new trend of social networks, the Food Drug Administration (FDA), a federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, issued a statement warning about the harm that this challenge could cause. causes the respiratory system. However, these medicines can have other harmful effects. Overdose of this syrup can cause seizures and fatal heart attacks.

The company that distributes NyQuil also commented on Twitter. “Our consumer’s well-being is our priority and we do not support the inappropriate use of our product”, said those responsible. Some of the videos of the recipe recreations have since been removed from the platforms.

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