There is a correct position for poo. Do you know what this is?

“MThe change of posture during defecation can facilitate the expulsion of faecal matter and favor a more efficient evacuation movement”, writes the nutritionist Maria Inês Antunes on the social network Instagram.

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According to the doctor, this is the most natural position to evacuate “to tilt the spine and lift the feet, without interrupting the flow of stool”.

“The human body is configured to evacuate squatting. (…) Later, and for hygienic measures, toilets with a drainage system were created and in a short time the Western people began to sit on the toilet to cooperate with this .modernization, there was the appearance of intestinal problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation, colon cancer and diverticulitis”, adds the FisioGlobal portal.

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When we sit on the toilet, the angle formed between the thigh and the torso forms approximately 90 degrees. “In physical terms, what happens is that the puborectalis muscle, which surrounds the rectal ampulla (or the last part of the intestine), becomes too rigid and in a position without mechanical advantage, which is like saying: it presses the intestines together and make it difficult for the stool to fall off,” he says. “Already in the squatting position we were able to reduce this angle, which is called with good accuracy the anorectal angle, to about 30 degrees, which relaxes the puborectalis favor muscle, which allows the terminal portion of the intestine, the rectal ampulla. , to take a more upright position and consequently an almost passive descent from the chair.”

“Have you noticed how some babies in diapers position themselves to poop? They crouch”, illustrates Maria Inês Antunes, emphasizing that “this is the correct physiological and anatomical position and should be the adopted position”.

The rule is to keep your knees higher than your thighs.. The solution? For example, use a bench or a shoe box under your feet.

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