SP will not have the traditional Bolo do Bixiga this year after the death of the organizer

The family responsible for organizing the cake decided not to serve it this year due to the death of Walter Taverna, one of the creators of the event.

25 Jan
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Photo: Archive/Agência Brasil

the traditional Bixiga cakeserved on every anniversary of the city of São Paulowill not be mounted on January 25, after 28 years of tradition.

According to the portal metropolis, the family organizing the party decided not to serve the cake due to the death of the businessman Water Taverna, aged 88, who was one of the creators of the event. He died in May 2022

Water was considered one of the “patrons” of Bixiga – the capital’s traditional Italian neighborhood. “We are still in mourning, my father was a very charismatic person, very community oriented and his absence has left us all in a very big uproar. We in the family are still in this feeling, but of course the community, the supporters, the partners are also in this turmoil,” he told the metropolis Solang Tavern, daughter of Walter.

Solang runs Cantina da Conchetta, in Bixiga. She also reported that the lack of resources to hold the party was another obstacle to making the city’s birthday cake. “Actually, this work should be done by the city hall. [O evento] it’s on the city’s official calendar,” he added.

Trivia about the cake

The cake was invented in 1935 by Armandinho do Bixiga, one of the great personalities of the neighborhood, but the tradition only started the following year, in 1986, when São Paulo celebrated its 432nd birthday.

After the death of Armandinho do Bixiga, the event was started by Walter Taverna and his family, also traditional in the neighborhood.

Initially, the cake was financed by residents of the Bixiga neighborhood and the idea was that it would always be the size of the city’s anniversary, that is, that it would increase every year.

On his 453rd birthday, for example, the cake was 453 meters long and according to a report in Jornal da Gazeta at the time, there were 1500 kg of wheat flour, more than 13 thousand eggs, 650 kg of margarine, 82 kg of yeast and 55 kg of grated coconut.

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