Social movements promote action to reject terrorism and for democracy

Frans Krajcberg dedicated his life to protesting against deforestation, especially in the Atlantic Forest. The Polish plastic artist, who lost his family in the Second World War, became famous for his sculptures with burnt trunks and roots – symbols of the fight against the destruction of forests. On Sunday (08), after vandals and terrorists went through the Planalto, Justice and Legislative Palace, in the Praça dos Três Poderes, in Brasília, one of his works, “Galhos e Sombras”, which was part of a public collection. found maligned, together with paintings by great painters, such as Di Cavalcanti and Portinari.

“Galhos e Sombras” vandalized by Frans Krajcberg after a coup in Brasilia. Photo: PF

For the nearly 80 third-sector entities that published repudiation notes, the action was more than an act against public goods, but against democracy itself. In addition to the statements, the entities also called on the population to hold demonstrations on Monday afternoon (9) in support of the newly elected government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and, above all, democracy. The acts took place in several capitals of the country, the vast majority under cries of “No amnesty”, referring to the punishment of those guilty of Sunday’s vandalism.

“It’s not just about attacks on public buildings, the target is democracy. A criminal horde that lost the elections wants to take back power by force. Government, Congress and Justice must act. Democracy is not self-fulfilling, it depends on constant vigilance and care. The identification and punishment of those responsible for what happened, those who acted or omitted themselves, in addition to their financiers, is the minimum expected for the maintenance of the Democratic Rule of Law in the country. The Bolsonarian project of destruction and hatred was defeated on October 30. The results of the polls must be respected”, the Climate Observatory said in a note.

Amazon entities that are part of the BR-319 Observatory, such as WWF, FAS, Opan and Greenpeace, have also published a note demanding the identification of the organizers of the acts.

“The barbaric actions that we have unfortunately seen show how essential it is to strengthen the guarantee of the continuity of our democracy and how much we still have to develop as a society. It is necessary that measures be taken to prevent this from happening again and so that the hatred and destructive rage that rises against civilization in Brazil is defended. Therefore, it is essential that those responsible for these acts are identified and punished in an exemplary manner. The result of the 2022 election must be respected, as it was achieved by the will of the majority of voters”.

This Monday (9th), during a meeting in Brasília with state governors, representatives of mayors, the president of the legislature and ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), President Lula reaffirmed that he will punish those responsible. More than 1500 were arrested in Brasília on the same day, mainly in front of army barracks.

Lula in a meeting with governors and ministers of the STF, on the 9th in Brasília. Photo: reproduction

“What we saw yesterday and who were on the street and in the barracks were people who had no negotiating agenda. What did they demand in front of the barracks? Improved quality of life? Freedom? Salary increase? Building housing? No, they demanded a coup. (…) In São Paulo, before the Second Army, there was a chemical toilet, food, everything. Like here in the Federal District. So I was forced to make a strong decision. The Brasilia police neglected. There was a conspiracy of the police who supported the people (…). There are 1500 who will be arrested and will remain there until the investigation is over, until they find out who financed it. Who paid? For people to stay that long. It is not possible for a movement to last as long as they did, without funding, without people guaranteeing bread, coffee and dinner. We’re going to investigate and find out who financed it and we’re going to find out,” Lula said.

Targeting environmental criminals

The connection between the actions and the environmental issue was traced by the president himself. Lula points out that deforestation, such as that which Krajcberg fought all his life, are potential sponsors of acts of terrorism.

“Many people who were there in Brasilia were prospectors. Illegal miners and illegal loggers. And we know why he was there. No one has the right to cut down a tree in the Amazon that is more than 300 years old, which belongs to the 215 million Brazilians, to make money. If you want to cut down a tree to make money, plant it, wait for it to grow and then cut it down. But he cannot cut what is the heritage of all humanity, and above all the heritage of the Brazilian people. These people were there, in these actions they represent this evil agribusiness, the one that wants to use pesticides without any respect for human health. And these people will be investigated and punished”, said Lula in his first speech, when he was in Araraquara following the damage caused by the rain in the municipality.

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