see tips for using different types of tomatoes in 5 red sauce recipes

Tomato is a fruit that is present in the daily lives of Brazilians and is used on various occasions. Although they are always present, not all types are used to make a good ketchup, and not all are good for storing. To put an end to doubts on the subject, we called the chef of Myk, Fotiá and Kouzina, Mariana Fonseca.

Types of tomatoes and what they are for

The first thing you need to know is that carmine, hollandaise, deborah, cherry, sweet grape, pear and persimmon tomatoes go very well in salads. Débora and Italian in turn combine with homemade sauces and when it comes to making a vinaigrette, persimmon is the right choice. For sandwiches, prefer the pear. When it comes to risotto, choose Dutch. When it comes to cold meats, cheeses and herbs, the sweetest is the sweet grape. It is worth remembering that green tomatoes, of whatever kind, are used in the salad, but for the dressing you will need a very ripe and soft one.

The selection of tomatoes in the market

And while we’re on the subject, do you know how to choose the best tomato when you go to the market? The gastronomy professional points out that touch and vision are the most important senses for this task and the most important thing is that the fruit is firm, the color cannot be greenish near the stem. By the way, contrary to what many think, it’s okay if he hurt a little.

Ways to preserve tomatoes

Arriving home, the first step is to store the tomato in the fridge, but no laundry. Because if the fruit comes into contact with water, it deteriorates faster. Fonseca also warns that it is best to wash it shortly before use. “The smaller ones are always more delicate, and the fridge preserves them”, he explains.

If you’re on the team that believes it’s better to preserve tomatoes than put them in the freezer, you can stop that idea. “By taking the ripe tomato and freezing it, it will take away all its shine”, jokes the chef, who also adds: “the tomato must be processed or cooked to be suddenly frozen”.

Another alternative is to wrap the food with a multipurpose cloth (perfex type) or in a paper towel, and this tip is not just for tomatoes, it applies to any vegetable.

After all these tips, we asked the chef to teach you how to put all these tips into practice, by making several homemade versions of tomato sauce. What a bad way to learn, isn’t it?

So separate the ingredients and get ready to discover recipes ranging from long-lasting sauces – perfect for that weekend lunch – to those that are very quick and made for days when fatigue and laziness are present.

How to skin a tomato

To remove the skin from tomatoes, the chef learns a very cool technique. First make an X on the back of the tomato and then place it in boiling water for 1 minute. Gradually the skin will come off and eventually you just have to remove it with your hands and, if you want, pull out the seeds too.

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Quick peeled tomato sauce

A peeled tomato sauce that goes well with a pasta dish
A peeled tomato sauce that goes well with a pasta dish Photo: Taba Benedicto | Estadão

This sauce made with peeled tomatoes it’s ready in minutes and is a great option to go with that dough at night, after a long day at work. To give you an idea, the chef prepares this red pasta sauce for those moments when her six-year-old son asks for something to eat near bedtime, swearing on his feet that he’s hungry even after he’s already had dinner.

Tomato sauce made with yellow tomatoes for pasta and pizza
Tomato sauce made with yellow tomatoes for pasta and pizza Photo: Taba Benedicto | Estadão

in this version, only five ingredients and about 15 minutes to prepare it. Here the yellow tomato will be your star for a very good accompaniment with any pasta you prefer.

Tomato sauce with shrimps

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Tomato sauce with prawns to accompany a pasta dish
Tomato sauce with prawns to accompany a pasta dish Photo: Taba Benedicto | Estadão

Can you imagine combining tomato sauce with shrimps? If not, it is time to change this thinking, as the crustacean gives the dish a different taste. And it harmonizes very well with orechiette type pasta. If you are a big fan of shrimp, you can add more to make the taste even more noticeable.

Italian tomato sauce

Homemade red sauce made with Italian tomatoes and peeled tomatoes for topping bread
Homemade red sauce made with Italian tomatoes and peeled tomatoes for topping bread Photo: Taba Benedicto | Estadão

Did you know that a tomato sauce cannot necessarily become a combination for pasta? Chef Mariana Fonseca transformed the mixture of peeled tomatoes and Italian tomatoes in a side dish to eat with bread. It depends on your taste, if you prefer to give only a light coating or make the mixture even. Here is the tip to use sugar to break the acidity. Set aside a little over 2 hours to prepare.

Deborah tomato sauce with carrots

Tomato sauce with carrots to break acidity
Tomato sauce with carrots to break acidity Photo: Helena Gomes | Estadão

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The carrot is one of the essential elements in this tomato sauce, as it is responsible for reducing the acidity and of course giving a special taste to the deborah tomato. this recipe it’s been in the chef’s family for quite some time, as it was her mother who started the tradition.

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