see how to make cake, pudding, pasta and even pizza in the microwave

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Cup recipes are a quick and practical way to prepare different foods. In most dishes, you just need to mix all the ingredients and microwave them for a few minutes. The quantity is ideal for serving individual portions and storing any meal that needs to be prepared at the last minute. The mug cake has already become a classic, but it is also possible to make pudding, cookies and even pizza in the container. To help you vary the menu, we have prepared a list of several delicious mug recipes that are worth trying. Unsubscribe!

Macaroni and cheese in a mug

Ever thought of cooking pasta in just a few minutes? In the microwave it is possible. Add cheese, milk and curd and enjoy a very creamy recipe.

mug of pizza

You can kill that urge to eat pizza with this easy and practical recipe. Fill it with tomato sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, ham and oregano to taste.

savory mug pie

The savory pie in the cup is an easy-to-prepare recipe that goes well with a healthy snack. The filling is a combination of small pieces of cheese, turkey blanquet, olives and oregano.

Tomato soup in the cup

Soup is a good option for a light dinner. Three minutes on high power ensures a delicious dish.

Cupcake with chocolate sauce

The difference to this mug cake is the chocolate syrup. The dough is simple and similar to…

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