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Put the water to heat. This will be used throughout the recipe.

Sift the wheat and chocolate powder into a bowl and mix

Then add the sodium bicarbonate and mix. Reserve.

In another container, mix the sugar with the eggs and stir until you get a uniform, clear and fluffy consistency (see the point in the video).

Add a cup of oil to this container and stir.

The next step is to start pouring in the dry ingredient mixture that has been set aside. They should be added little by little: first add about a third and stir to incorporate.

Also, start adding warm water little by little: a little after the first part of dry ingredients and then repeat this process until all dry ingredients and water have been added to the dough (see the point in the video).

After this step, grease the baking sheet with margarine or butter and sprinkle a very thin layer of bread crumbs all over the inside. She will create a thin shell on the cake. If you don’t have breadcrumbs, you can use cocoa or wheat flour.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Round off the dough with the yeast and filtered coffee and stir gently until the dough is homogeneous.

Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes (depending on the oven, the baking time can be from 25 to 40 minutes, it is worth doing the “knife test” to confirm that it has baked well: stick part of the knife on the cake and, if it comes out without a hint of soft dough, it is well baked.

While the cake is baking, you can prepare the frosting.

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