Organization launches transition team to avoid new tragedy in Pantanal

A document prepared by the NGO Ecoa (Ecology and Action) asked the transition team of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to take urgent measures during his term in relation to the fires registered in the Pantanal is. The demonstration refers to the lack of action of the current government and requests that Lula’s team identify whether the Bolsonaro administration has drawn up a fire-fighting plan for the biome.

“The current government’s incentives for deforestation and non-inspection on the one hand and, on the other, the lack of resources for essential areas of prevention and direct combat, especially those destined for Prevfogo/Ibama”, says the document on the cause of the catastrophic fires recorded in the Pantanal in 2020 and 2021. The NGO, which has been working to preserve the biome for more than 30 years, also associates the scenario with an “acute climate crisis”.

The organization justifies that the request is made out of fear that the tragedy in the Pantanal will be repeated. “The information we receive at the end of the year, by members of the networks in which we participate and assessments by our field technicians, shows the possibility of a repetition of previous years’ fires, as the plain is very dry even now,’ the time of waters’”, says an extract from the document.

Ecoa also asks for the identification of the resources planned for fighting fires in 2023 by the competent bodies of the Organs. And, depending on the information found by the transition team, the document suggests the debate and elaboration of a new Emergency Plan, which begins shortly after he is appointed. The statement was sent this Monday (28) to Pedro Ivo, a former special adviser to the Ministry of the Environment and a member of the transition team for Lula’s environmental area.

Read the document in full.

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