Marina repeals ordinance that reduced protection of endangered species

The Minister of the Environment, Marina Silva, this Monday (30) revoked the regulations issued by the Bolsonaro government at the end of last year that allowed the exploitation of native species. Dubbed Conserva +, the program prepared by former minister Joaquim Leite repealed 17 ordinances created from 2014 to 2022 and opened the gate to the hunting of native animals.

With the revocation made by Marina Silva, the ordinances is valid from now onincluding those constituting the 2014 Red Lists of Threatened Plant, Vertebrate and Fish Species.

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Edited on December 14, the “conservation” program Conserva + included expressions such as “management”, “sustainable use” and “conflict reduction” in its Article 14, which experts say will mask the possibility that several species, if not endangered, they were the target of shooting. The measure is in line with projects pending in Congress that would free up sport hunting in the country, he adds. Aldem Bourscheit, in a report by ((o))eco about the program.

“The article even contains loopholes for authorizing the breeding of certain species in specific areas for economic management, i.e. the establishment of hunting farms. This will have major legal and fauna management implications in the country”, evaluated biologist Paulo Pizzi, then president of Mater Natura – Instituto de Estudos Ambientais. The entity is part of a national campaign against the killing of wild animals.

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