Madregaia: new gastronomic option at Recreio dos Bandeirantes

The West Zone of the city begins in 2023 to expand its gastronomic offer. In Recreio dos Bandeirantes, the Madregaia restaurant, located in the eSuites Hotel Recreio Shopping, offers the best in international cuisine, with a menu signed by chef Bertrand Bouvier.

The name of the company refers to Greek mythology, a tribute to mother nature. Seasonal and regional ingredients bring harmony to the menu. The seasonings, by the way, are the star of the setting, and in addition to the color, textures and aromas coming from the kitchen appear in the drinks and decoration.

A new, more ecological concept is being implemented: “We chose to work with suppliers in the region, such as horticultural producers. This reduces the carbon footprint of transport from the production sites of these inputs to our hotel,” explains general manager Marcos Bezerra.

The service is available in an a la carte or buffet format for groups and varies from more complete meals to snacks and drinks. The comfort of the space invites you to Happy Hour, which is offered every day from 18:00 to 20:00.

Some of the dishes served are: Grilled beef canapé on toast, arugula and light wasabi cream (R$28); Rib croquette with homemade dry curd (R$35); Rice ball with slightly spicy tomato relish (R$26); Horiatiki salad (R$28) and dried tomato risotto with buffalo cheese (R$15, side dish). For sandwich lovers, some of the options are: Breaded fango, tomato marmalade, pickled red onion, mustard mayonnaise with smoked paprika and arugula, served on ciabatta bread (R$35); and beef blend hamburger (160g), cheddar cheese, homemade green mayonnaise, caramelized onions and arugula, served on our special hamburger bun (R$42). For the main course, the suggestions are: Risotto caprese with Brazilian nut pesto (R$45); Linguini a carbonara (R$45); Steak parmigiana, wild potatoes and tomato salad (R$45); Picadinho, rice, chestnut farofa with plantain and crispy cabbage (R$ 48); Rump on horseback (R$ 49); Vismoqueca (R$52); Pancetta in its own sauce, mushroom and vegetable puree (R$55); Spaghetti with seafood (R$55); Steak Ancho (R$ 52). For dessert: Brownie with chocolate sauce (R$18); Homemade yogurt mousse with marinated fruit and meringue (R$20); and Cheesecake with red fruit syrup (R$20).

The restaurant also serves a children’s menu with options such as vegetable soup (R$21); Spaghetti Bolognese (R$26); Chicken escalope (R$28) and fillet escalope (R$30).

Chef Bertrand Bovier

Chef Bertrand Bovier

Chef Bertrand Bovier

The 68-year-old Swiss has lived in Brazil for 40 years and knows like no one else the local products and ingredients that delight the palates of both Brazilian and foreign tourists.

Bovier’s relationship with gastronomy began in childhood, in the city of Sion. Born into a family that owns hotels and restaurants, he grew up watching and accompanying his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother in the preparation of various dishes. From there to professionalization was a leap.

From his early career until just before the age of 30, Bovier worked as a cook at Suvretta House in St. Moritz, Switzerland; and at Ramada Encore by Wyndham in Geneva. Between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, he moved to Brazil, a country he always wanted to visit.

“Back then there weren’t even direct flights; I had to stop in Africa. And people knew very little about Brazil. I knew people who thought the capital was Argentina”, recalls the chef. “When I arrived here, I discovered friendly people, a diversified cuisine and I found it very easy to find work.”

His first job was at Novotel, in Praia de Gragoatá, in Niterói, where he arrived with a two-year contract as a cook. Then he went to the Hermitage Hotel, in Búzios. He was then invited to take over the kitchen at the former Caesar Park (today Sofitel), in Ipanema, where he held the position of chef for the first time and where he has been working for 15 years. Always on the move, he also performed at Blue Tree Park, in Porto de Galinhas (PE); in the Meliá chain, in Brasília; and, back to Rio de Janeiro, on Rede Windsor. Now, at the head of Madregaia Restaurante, he holds the positions of chef and consultant, creating a menu and training employees.


eSuites Hotel Recreio Shopping – Avenida das Américas, 19.021, Recreio dos Bandeirantes). Telephone: 21 3609-3400.

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