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Native to South America, the tomato It is one of the most indispensable ingredients in Kitchens around the world – and because it’s so popular, it even got its own day, celebrated on February 1st. With presence in income from pasta to salads and sandwichesthe food is easy to prepare and very tasty.

In addition, the fruitrich in antioxidants, is an ally of health. With benefits ranging from strengthening the immune system, protecting the skin and hair to preventing cancer, tomatoes have lycopene in their composition, which guarantees their characteristic red color.

Check out eight recipes below that emphasize the tomato in the preparation. To read the step by step, click on the title!

Caprese salad is harvested, green olive oil, smoked tomatoes, pickled onions, croutons and basil — Photo: Ateliê Bele / Disclosure

Caprese is a classic Italian combination. Front cheesetomato and basilthe dish is light and refreshing – and in this version by chef Bruno Katz, of Nosso, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the starter has curd, pickled onion and olive oil green, as a way to highlight the touch of smoked tomato.

Crispy octopus recipe with tomato risotto and roasted and smoked peppers — Photo: Bistrô Speccialitá / Disclosure

Known for its versatility, the octopus It is a seafood that goes well with several accompaniments. In this dish, the mollusk is combined with tomato, dry white wine and sweet pepper to create a risotto creamy and full of flavor. The recipe is by chef Estela Maris, of Bistrô Speccialitá.

Corn, chicken and tomato soup recipe — Photo: Mário Rodrigues / Disclosure

With Chili pepperchicken and tomatoes, this recipe soup in corn from The Taco Shop restaurant is easy to do. Prepared in 30 minutes, makes 6 portions and is ideal to enjoy on colder days.

Purple olive risotto recipe with roasted tomatoes and curd — Photo: Léo Feltran / Disclosure

The tomato emphasizes the flavor of the olive purple in this risotto recipe by chef Benoit Mathurin, partner of Olivier Anquier at the restaurant Esther Rooftop, in downtown São Paulo (SP). With white wine, the dish includes and is finished with pureed olives made from scratch arugula and shavings of Parmesan.

Dry sheep’s milk recipe with candied tomatoes and pita bread with zaatar — Photo: Mauro Brosso / Publicity

For those who love Arabic food, this dry curd from SHUK Falafel & Kebabs is something to try. Accompanied by bread pita flavored with zaatar and candied tomatoes, the recipe is easy to prepare and ideal to serve on a date with friends at home.

Vegan tomato soufflé pie recipe is delicious and delicious to serve at a special lunch — Photo: Camila Botelho / Disclosure

That pie soufflé is a good option for a afternoon snack fast and delicious. Prepared in a blender, the recipe bets on basil and tofu and, with a touch of lemonmiso and tapioca, promises a special flavor and texture.

Burrata pizza, concassé tomato and aliche — Photo: Foglia Forneria Artigianale / Disclosure

In which tomato goes well pizza it’s no news to anyone. Chef Franco Ravioli, from Foglia Forneria Artigianale, teaches you how to prepare the traditional Italian dish in its Neapolitan version, filled with parmesan cheese, concassé tomato, anchovy fillets and basil to taste. Perfect for two people, the recipe suggests a golden dough drizzled with olive oil.

Recipe for wholemeal bread filled with dried tomato and oregano is ready in five steps — Photo: Jasmine / Disclosure

With patejelly or butter, this stuffed bread is easy to make and delicious. It also contains dried tomatoes, oregano, wheat flour and eggs in the ingredients. The bread can be served as a snack and is ready in 30 minutes.

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