In one week, fires reached a third of the Taim Ecological Station

In a week, the fire, which started with a lightning strike, reached a third of the territory of the Ecological Station (ESEC) of Taim, located between Rio Grande and Santa Vitória do Palmar in Rio Grande do Sul. Controlled last Friday (16), the estimate of the burned area was published this Monday (19) by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).

Between Monday (12th) and Friday, 22 fires were registered at ESEC, according to the Fire Program of the National Research Institute (Inpe). According to update published by ICMBio, the total area affected by the fire reached 11,928.84 hectares. The number is monitored by the institution’s geospatial information and monitoring department.

The area affected by the fire corresponds to 36.2% of the total area of ​​ESEC, as it has 32.8 thousand hectares. At this moment, members of the ICMBio brigade are still on site and monitoring the area.

Area affected by fire at ESEC do Taim. Photo: Reproduction/ICMBio

Regarding the impact on the existing fauna within the Conservation Unit (UC), which is home to a large variety of plant and animal species of the Atlantic Forest, nine concentration points of animals were inspected and according to ICBMBio there were no records. of injury or death.

As shown ((o)) echo, last Thursday (15) ICMBio confirmed that the fire at ESEC started on Monday, after a lightning strike near BR-471, which gives access to Uruguay. Since then, brigade members from the institution, from the Rio Grande do Sul Military Fire Department and professionals hired by CMPC, a forestry multinational that has a Technical Cooperation Agreement in progress with ICMBio, have worked in the fight against fire.

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