How to make buttery dough for cake easy to make

Without a doubt, this deliciously buttery dough is much heavier and more structured than the dough you are used to preparing. In addition, its composition is made with butterfat and is very wet at the end. Of course, after learning how to make buttery dough for cake easy to make, you won’t want to know about another recipe.

Besides, it’s one of the tastiest cake mixes, you can even eat it plain, without any filling, if you want. Best of all, this dough can handle heavier fillings, making it ideal for making bare cakes, as the dough doesn’t break easily. So, the result will be a very firm cake that does not crumble, so it is perfect for this type of cake.

Moreover, this recipe is perfect for those who are experienced in making cakes and for those who have no experience. So, if you work to make cakes, this dough is perfect for you because you will have a very firm and tasty dough.

In this way, this buttery pasta recipe is delicious and easy to make, and is ideal for any occasion you want. This recipe combines various types of toppings, fillings and melts in your mouth, so with this dough you will have wonderful and tasty cakes.

How-to-Make-Butter-Dough-For-Easy-To-Cake How To Make Buttered Dough For Cake Easy To Make

Ingredients used:

  • Four cups of tea filled with wheat flour
  • unsalted butter (200 g)
  • four whole eggs
  • A cup and a half of tea with whole milk
  • One and a half cups of sifted white sugar
  • Two spoons of chemical baking powder for cakes

How to make buttery dough for cake easily:

First, put the sugar and butter in the mixer and beat on high speed until it turns into a very light cream. Shortly after, add the eggs one at a time, while beating, reduce the speed of the mixer and add the flour and then the milk, alternating little by little.

Then turn off the mixer, add the yeast and stir gently with a wire whisk until everything is well mixed. Finally, place the dough in a greased baking pan lined with baking paper at the bottom. Bake in a medium-heated oven until golden brown on top, then remove from the oven, wait for it to cool and remove your buttery dough from the pan.

Now, after your dough is ready, you can fill it however you want, because this dough combines with any type of filling you can imagine. Also, if you liked this recipe and want to learn more, then check out this recipe as well. how to make a Hungarian chip.

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