Homemade popsicles only take soda and condensed milk. Learn to do – 28/01/2023

Is there a dessert more like summer than a good popsicle? For Isa Scherer and her family, the popsicle her grandfather created is unbeatable. And you learn to make the candy in the third episode of the second season of “Isa’s Fashion”.

In the absence of ice cream vans at the time of Isa’s mother, the patriarch had the idea to make a simple recipe – just whip guarana and condensed milk in the blender for about a minute.

It has really become a summer tradition in my family”, says Isa.

Condensed milk popsicle with guarana - Keiny Andrade/UOL - Keiny Andrade/UOL

Condensed milk popsicle with guarana

Image: Keiny Andrade/UOL

In the absence of popsicle molds, it is allowed to use the ice cream mold with toothpicks! Bring it to the freezer for about 6 hours.

See full step-by-step below:

Another family classic

“I remember everyone there, a party, and every late afternoon there was a cupcake. My favorite – and I think everyone’s – was the chocolate one with a crunchy cone”, says Isa.

See the full recipe below:

The cake batter is easy and has the ‘grandma’s secret touch’, a little coffee in the mix.

While teaching step by step (see the video above), Isa also learns another trick, this time inherited from her mother:

His little secret is to grease the mold with breadcrumbs. It’s a cone, a pleasure”

Crispy chocolate sauce

The cat jumps into this Chocolate cake by Isa Scherer is the cover. “I’m from the crunchy cone team, and I’ll teach you one that’s perfect,” he says. See how easy it is:

At this stage, Isa reveals another little secret: before she adds the syrup, she already cuts the cake in the form and makes a few holes in it.

So that the syrup gets a lot into the cake and it not only gets on top, but also becomes crispy. That’s all well and good!”

Cold coffee

THE dalgona coffeea thick and creamy version of latte, has become an internet hit, especially during the pandemic.

He is the inspiration for the iced coffee that concludes this program “À Moda da Isa” — but with the actress’ tasty touches, like dulce de leche and orange peel:

Stay tuned!

Isa Scherer, À Moda de Isa - Keiny Andrade/UOL - Keiny Andrade/UOL
Image: Keiny Andrade/UOL

The summer season of “Isa’s Fashion” is broadcast every Thursday at 11:00 UOL play and not YouTube from Wow. she brings income of main dishes and side dishes perfect for the season and also, in each episode, a drink to cool down. Did you like it? Worth marathoning on YouTube the first season, which includes the coolest tourist trips to do in São Paulo, such as a visit to the Historic Center, a tour of the Japan House and a tour of the street art at Beco do Batman.

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