Hassum orders a cooking reality show, with Paola Carosella and João Diamante on the jury

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    (credit: Photos: Cadu Pilotto/ TV Globo)

(credit: Photos: Cadu Pilotto/ TV Globo)

To say that the mother cooks well is almost unanimous, now, which shows that you have inherited her gift, that’s another five hundred. To test these children who love to sit at the table and enjoy their mother’s recipes, the reality show My mother cooks better than yourswhich premieres this Sunday, 29th, in the afternoon, after Temperature Maximum World. Leandro Hassum has been invited to direct the attraction, which will have the chefs Paola Carosella and João Diamante as judges.

The scheme of the attraction is to have three contestants and their mothers on stage each week. In this first episode, Vitão is in dispute with his mother, Sandra, Mumuzinho and Madalena, Mayana Neiva with Magdala. All ready, yes, but it will be the children who will actually put their hands in the dough. The mothers will be far away, in the crowd and in need, and they may even be able to give a little help, but if they decide to actually enter the race, there will be consequences for the contestants with the timer running be accelerated.

The exams

The game starts with the definition of an ingredient, which will be defined by the mothers in a game. And then comes the first test, which is What’s in the fridge. In this phase, the contestants will have just three minutes to think of a recipe to win over the taste of the judges, which will eliminate one of the pairs.

The next event will be Affective Memory, which will have culinary secrets from families consulted and revealed affective recipes. The pairs in the dispute now have to search for new ingredients and the fire in the kitchen can be activated at any moment, which is something to make the game a little more difficult.

At the end of the competition, the three winning pairs of son and mother receive an amount to be donated to one of the partner projects of Para Quem Doar, a platform created by Globo in April 2020 to connect people with organizations from all regions . of the country working to combat and mitigate various impacts on the lives of the population at risk and vulnerability.

Next, Leandro Hassum, Paola Carosella and João Diamante answered some questions from Estadão, take a look.


This is your first time joining a culinary program. Were you surprised by anything? What struck you the most? What did you like the most?

This is a schedule I have occupied for many years, recently with Família Paraíso, and now with Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor que a Sua. For me it was another challenge in my career, thank God. It is challenging to work as a presenter, you are somewhat in control, who scores and touches the ball with other people. It’s different than when you have an improvisation, for example. I was surprised by the very pleasant partnership with Paola Carosella and João Diamante, it was very pleasant, and what amused me the most was to see this very close relationship between mother and son, which the show finally brought. – I am very attached to this family thing, with my wife and daughter.

Will we see your fun side on the show or will we have a more ‘hard’ version, typical of culinary realities? What is your role in the dynamic?

I see that, if they called me to do it, it’s because they want a relaxed show, with humor and lightness. The difference is that the main cast of this show comes from families, it’s not a stand-up. I’m pretty much just reading and doing this triangulation with the jurors and the participating families. Funny things come up, amusing stories, jokes, I mess with the people who were washing dishes, but the big protagonists are the families who are going to fight, play, have fun and love each other more and more.

The public has already followed various formats of culinary programs. What is the difference in Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor Que a Sua?

Without detracting from any show – on the contrary, because I’m a fan of culinary attractions – we made it more of a show to have fun than a real cooking show. We want to promote this meeting of mothers with their sons and daughters, and there on the stage this family relationship can be seen and will create a very strong identification. We do not train chefs, but show the family relationship of famous sons, daughters or mothers to the public at home. How close they are and how the audience at home will be able to identify a lot with these families who will be there: their idols, people they worship, who they know from television, sports or social media.

What is your relationship with the kitchen? Which dish is Leandro Hassum’s specialty?

I took some cooking courses when I lived abroad; I have never been a chef, I took free courses, I really like cooking. When I’m at my house, I take over the kitchen because I really like it. And there is a difference: the dish I like to cook the most is stuffed roast beef, I make a really good one with pasta and tomato sauce. But my daughter loves my lasagna, which is world famous; I also make a really nice ham and shrimp risotto. The best thing is to ask my family (laughs).

The show talks about this relationship between mothers and children in the kitchen. Did you learn to cook from your mother? Do you have any memories with her that you can share?

I learned a little from my mother, but a lot from my grandmother, who was a baker at Confeitaria Colombo. At the time, I think she even made cakes for Getúlio Vargas, for the presidents who were there often, and I was always with her. Afterwards, she started making cake outside, and I kept watching her make different dishes – my grandmother’s beans were very famous, so I learned to make beans from her; I learned from my wife how to make tastier rice – I already made rice, but hers is unbeatable. I try to make it similar, but there is nothing like hers. But I learned more from my grandmother than from my mother. This is my memory: when my grandmother made cakes, I sat next to her because I liked to hold the cake shell, or else I licked the spoon with the cake batter.

How was this partnership with Paola Carosella and João Diamante? What advice would you give them?

The partnership was great, Paola is amazing, very intelligent, João is an extremely charismatic guy. They are extremely different cuisines, but both are masters, they are beasts, each in their own universe. I learned a lot from them. I don’t want to give advice, but welcome: welcome to an extremely popular program, which will speak the language of the people and those at home will be able to identify with the dishes we are going to make. I think it is very important to say this.


The program marks its debut on TV Globo. What are your expectations for this new phase? What did you like most about the show?

I am very excited about the premiere, I had a lot of fun on the shoots. I’ve missed television and I’m glad to be back on such a light and fun show. It’s not a cooking competition, so I have room to be more “me”. Unlike that Paola from MasterChef, on Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor Que a Sua I don’t have to be “tough” – and that’s exactly why I accepted the invitation. The program brings affective cooking, from home, and it was a way for me to reconnect with Paola, who loves to eat and cook.

You and João are famous chefs, did you learn anything from the mothers on the show? After all, Mom’s cooking, loving, has no equal, right?

Certainly, many teachings. It is very interesting because every family has its own way of cooking: the same recipe can be prepared in different ways, each with its own special touch. So we are always learning. And we ate delicious dishes – some not so much (laughs).

How was the partnership with the cast?

Working with Hassum and Diamante was very pleasant, we had a lot of harmony in a natural way. Hassum is hilarious, he made us laugh from start to finish of the shoot, and Diamante is an amazing person, it was a great pleasure.


You are also making your debut on Globo with this show, what are your expectations now? Can you highlight something you liked most about the show?

Expectations are the best, I am very happy. This is a big challenge because with this program we are going to enter the homes of millions of Brazilians. I dedicated myself a lot, studied, trained myself to produce good work and I hope everyone likes it. Doing the show already made me feel like a viewer. I laughed, cried, got angry, nervous, tense… this show has a mix of things that Brazilians will embrace and identify with because it mixes affective cooking and motherhood. The public will identify as much in the food, in the kitchen, as in the relationship with their mothers or their children. What I liked the most was this intense exchange I had with everyone, with Paola, Hassum, Boninho, LP, Angélica and everyone involved in the program. I also learned a lot with the pairs of mothers and children, some techniques that are passed down from generation to generation that I didn’t know before.

Did this experience with the mothers in the program result in any learning for you?

Exactly! I really learned a lot. There was a situation in the preparation of a liver that I did not know the technique, I did not know if it would work, and I learned from it and I was very happy. And I also managed to impart knowledge to them. It’s impressive, you always learn from mothers.

How was the exchange of knowledge with your program colleagues?

First of all, it was an honor to work with Boninho, LP, Angélica and Maiana. And then, Leandro Hassum and Paola Carosella. Hassum is a genius, the guy is a producer, director, actor, comedian… being next to him is impressive. And Paola is someone I’m a big fan of, I admire her work as a person and professionally. I was even shy at first, but they told me “João, you came here because you are part of the team, you are here on an equal level with everyone else”. When they made me feel at ease, I learned so much, with the whole team, it was very enriching. The partnership with Paola and Leandro was a match, we haven’t done anything together before and it was a very interesting match. Everyone will see it on television from the 29th!

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