Fluffy Orange Cake: 5 Recipes to Savor | Recipe

One Orange cake is a big request for afternoon snack or to compile the table of the Breakfast, isn’t it? Versatile, the fruit goes well in the most diverse recipes, allowing you to try several different cakes – just use your creativity.

Fluffy Orange Cake: 5 Recipes to Savor — Photo: Getty Images

If you are out of ideas on how to prepare a good orange cake, see below five versions that, in addition to being delicious, are very pleasant to look at. Write down!

1. Orange cake with almonds and chocolate

Cake with almonds and chocolate takes orange in three stages of preparation — Photo: Disclosure

This combination of orange, chocolate and almonds promises to make an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Two types of orange – pear and bahia – are present in the preparation of the dough, ganache and topping. It even serves as a birthday cake or to set the table in the dinner from Christmas. Try it!

2. Orange and hazelnut cake

Orange and hazelnut cake can be decorated with flowers in the presentation — Photo: Rodolfo Regini/Disclosure

To vary the recipe for this classic – which is perfect for those who like to gather the family around the table – what about adding hazelnuts to the orange cake? It takes 40 minutes to prepare, and makes 10 servings – in addition to being very pretty, decorated with flowers. unsubscribe!

3. Orange tingle cake

Orange Tingling Cake — Photo: Disclosure

Easy, traditional and super tasty, the orange tingle cake is ideal for all tastes, and can also be served with different sauces to differentiate flavours. Choose a mold with a central hole and after 30 minutes in the oven it is ready. Prepare!

4. Chocolate, chestnut and orange souffle cake

Chocolate, chestnut and orange souffle cake — Photo: Disclosure

If you have a little more time, set aside 1h30 of your day to make this chocolate, chestnut and orange soufflé cake – you won’t regret it. To get an idea, the syrup is prepared with fruit slices and honey. see the recipe and give yourself that luxury!

5. Orange and yogurt cake

Orange and yogurt cake can be decorated however you like — Photo: Michel Lott

With just 7 ingredients, this cake is topped with whipped cream and can be decorated in various ways, depending on the festive date the recipe is made on – or whatever your creativity dictates! Grab the mixer, choose your favorite yogurt flavor, Follow the step by step and good appetite!

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