Congress has 19 bills aimed at reducing or eliminating protected areas

A survey conducted by the National Network of Conservation Units (Rede Pró-UC) revealed the magnitude of the pressure to which protected areas in Brazil are subjected: currently there are 19 bills pending in the National Congress aimed at is to reduce or eliminate conservation. units.

There are 12 projects in the Chamber of Deputies: one written by the Executive and the other proposed by deputies aligned with the rural caucus, especially PP and PSD. Seven more projects are in the Senate.

“In 2019 it was an attack. I have heard parliamentarians say that the moment has never been so favorable as now. Some projects stalled but revived in this legislature. The pressure has always existed, but it has been much greater in recent years,” Angela Kuczach, director of the National Network for Conservation Units, told the newspaper. The world.

The proposals mainly aim to change the boundaries of the units, allow new activities or even recategorize them. Among the units under the crosshairs of parliamentarians are:

  • Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park:

Where it is processed: Room – PLD 1072/2021
Author: Delegate Waldir (União)
Goal: Stop the 2017 federal decision that quadrupled the size of the park. The interest would be to protect private properties affected by the expansion.

  • Sao Joaquim National Park:

Where it is processed: Room – PL 10082/2018
Author: Jorginho Mello (PR/SC)
Objective: Redefinition of the park’s layout and change of name to Parque Nacional da Serra Catarinense.

  • Iguacu National Park:

    Where it takes place: Room PL 984/2019
    Author: Red (PSD/PR)
    Objective: to create a new category in the System of Conservation Units, that of “Road-Park” and to establish the Estrada-Park Caminho do Colono in the Iguaçu National Park. Colono Road cuts the unit in half. In 1986, when the park was declared a UNESCO heritage site, the road was closed. Despite receiving a negative opinion from the MP-PR, the project will be voted on in the plenary meeting.

Also included in the list is Serra dos Órgãos parks and the Brasilia National Forestwhose limits were changed by the law approved by President Jair Bolsonaro last month.

The Pró-UC network warns that, in addition to the projects dealing with specific units, there are other projects called “umbrella”, which can affect the entire network of conservation units. The most important one is the project by Federal Deputy Pinheirinho (PP-MG), which aims to create a deadline for the expropriation and compensation of private properties within protected areas.

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