Coffee in the field. In the new space at Belas Clube de Campo, there are healthy options for all tastes

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And we went to meet.

Located in Belas, in the heart of a Forest Park, in full contact with nature and a few minutes from the center of Lisbon, the beaches of Cascais and the historic city of Sintra, the Tax Country Club it is a unique residential development.

The development combines high-end residential solutions, such as apartments, townhouses and plots for housing construction, with a set of services that offer a unique quality of life.

With an 18-hole golf course, a João de Deus Garden School, 24-hour supervision, restaurants, swimming pools, health club, tennis, padel and football courts, mini market, parapharmacy, hairdresser, playgrounds, we find tranquility at Belas Clube de Campo to live in a Country Club, with all the essential daily services. And amid so much on offer, is there room for a new location? The answer: a resounding yes.

with the name of coffee in the field, the new Belas Clube de Campo cafeteria, which has been operating next to the Sports Center since November 28, 2022, is full of plants and decorative notes, based on colors such as green, yellow and orange, which make it, on the one hand, a very welcoming place, and on the other side as if I were, literally, in the middle of the field. The wood that covers a large part of the floor and the white details make the space light, and the lamp with the name gives it an instagrammable modernity.

The large windows allow the landscape to invade everyone who visits Café no Campo, where they can enjoy a good breakfast, brunch, a light meal or simply a snack. If you prefer, you also have the option of takeaway. Whether during the week or at the weekend, at lunch or in the morning, or even after a golf, padel, tennis or gym training session, it will be the right place to relax and replenish energy. But what exactly can you eat at Café no Campo? That was exactly what the echo boomer went to find out.

First, the area must be highlighted. The space around the cafe is quite cozy and relaxed, as it is surrounded by nature. Arriving at Café no Campo, we finally enter another world, in a space that is comfortable and with some rustic touches, but refined at the same time.

With indoor tables seating 4 and 8, a lounge with a long sofa and an outdoor terrace, there is indeed a very pleasant view over the golf course and the rest of the forest park where it is situated. However, it is right at the entrance that we notice that we are going to enter a place to stick the stomach in, due to the existence of a rather fancy display of cakes and sweets.

The letter, on the other hand, and as we have indicated, serves for different moments. For example, there are the brunch menuconsisting of coffee or tea, grandma bread, cereal grandma bread, croissant, sliced ​​cake, scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes, cheese and ham, jam, butter and natural orange juice, all for €14.50. You can also add a natural yogurt with granola, smoked salmon or a scrambled omelet to the brunch, all at an extra cost.

There are also dishes of the day (when we visited the space, a Tomato cream‘a Braised pork leg with baker’s potatoes and mixed saladplus one Caramel cheesecake), with each option having its cost, and the a la carte menu, where they order the unit. In this case, they have a pastry section (where you can order various croissants or snacks), snacks (with hamburgers, angus steak, baguettes, toast and sandwiches), salads (there are seven options in total) and pancakes (we highly recommend the Pancakes with Kitkat).

In our case, and since our experiences serve to prove a little of everything, we ask the suggestion of the chef, to be surprised. And don’t we?

Eggs with bacon and mini tomatoes were the things we liked the most. The staff questioned the point of the egg, which arrived perfectly at the table. As for the bacon, crispy, and with the addition of some small tomatoes, it really made you want to repeat it over and over again.

As for the basket of mini croissants, grain bread and grandma’s bread that arrived at our table, it didn’t disappoint either – and look, we’ve been served in places that didn’t have good bread, also because they didn’t have good bread. taste or because they were too hard, something that (thankfully) didn’t happen here.

From the brunch menu, but also served to us, the fruit platter was carefully selected and prepared to impress. Sweet and natural fruit, just the way we like it. What about natural orange juice? Yes, it’s really natural, without any additives, even if it was slightly sour (obviously for orange at this point).

All that remains is to talk about the pancakes, which can be spread with chocolate or jam, serving both the sweet tooth and those who don’t like sweets so much.

Ending in beauty, we were still able to devour a Strawberry and cream cheese cake, which was great. With very pronounced notes of cheese, it was fresh, with a wonderful texture and a good balance of flavors – we recommend devouring the slice with the orange juice.

At the end of the day, it is impossible not to recommend going to Café no Campo, where quality is guaranteed. Open every day of the week, between 7.30 am. and 4 p.m., it is also possible to place takeaway orders by email or through the 939951713.

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