Chicken exports from Brazil have record revenues

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ABPA predicted that production and export in meats in chicken and pigs of Brazil will grow in 2023

exports Brazilthreshing floors in meat in chicken totaling 4.822 million in ton in 2022recordin historic and transcendent in 4.6% of total exportsof in 2021, with momentum in factors are relatedofs to the conflict in Ukraine and health issues in some countries, the ABPA (Association Brazilthreshing floor in Animal Protein) this Tuesday (10).

THE recipe earned from exports reached US$9.762 billion (R$51.14 billion), another resultof historical, with high in 27.4% compared to 2021, with additional help in higher prices, reports the ABPA, which represents incompanies like BRF and JBS.

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“The Reconfiguration of marketof International in animal protein brandof through the effects of conflict in Eastern Europe, of Increase ofs cost in production in the European Union and of health status of poultry in the five continents is one of the factors interminators for the recordsin‘s registersofs…” the president saidinmember of ABPA, Ricarof saint, in note.

“In this context, the Brazilwhich has never registered cases and is free in Avian Influenza, remained a safe haven for global supply in meat in chicken and insee maintain the same levels in exports in 2023,” he added.

The production and export in meats in chicken and pigs of Brazil will grow in 2023, predicted in inZinbrother to ABPA.

exports in meat in chicken 386.3 thousand tons reached in inZinbrother – consinranof in kind products and processesofs -, volume 6% lower than the recordof in the past month in 2021.

howeverofwas there an increase in 9.2% in recipe in exports in meat in chicken in inZinbrother, arriveof to US$785.2 million (R$4.11 billion).

Among the most important indestinations in exports of Brazil in 2022China followed as the most important one, with 540.5 thousand imported tons, but a volume 15.6% smaller than the registeredof in 2021.

In Mondayof place, the Inshallofs Uni Arabsofs imported 444.9 thousand tons last yearofsuper onof in 14.2% of the total inbowlof in the previous year.

Other inThe highlights were the Philippines, with 246.3 thousand tons (+46.5%), the European Union, with 237.9 thousand tons (+22.8%), and Korea of South, with 185.4 thousand tons (+62.9%).

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