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“I need to buy a cheap motorbike, but I don’t think prices are worth it”. This is a reality that affects many motorcyclists who want to buy their first motorcycle or change their motorcycle.

Therefore, today you are going to follow with us the main tips on how to buy a cheap motorcycle, in addition to the best places for you to make the best deal with the safest conditions available in the market for buying and selling motorcycles.

Where to buy cheap motorcycles
The market for buying and selling motorcycles has updated with time. In the old days, we found advertisements for the sale of motorcycles even on electric poles on the street.

We have already entered the information age, so the Internet is today the biggest business vehicle for buying and selling vehicles, mainly semi-new and used vehicles.

However, this does not mean that you will just buy a motorcycle from someone online, and it will arrive at your door like a retail purchase. Attention and care are required when negotiating and finalizing the purchase.

See some tips on how and where to buy cheap motorcycles online.

It is currently possible buy motorcycles online auction in a simple and safe way. Auctions take place in a virtual or hybrid manner, in person and online at the same time.

To participate, you must first access the website of the auction house responsible for the auction. After registering with all the necessary information, you will be able to participate by bidding on the lots.

The prices practiced at auctions are the lowest values ​​on the market to buy cheap motorcycles. By the way, know that many of them are not bikes with maintenance problems, so they can be super cheap and in full working order.

The origin of the lots varies greatly and can come from transit agencies, insurance companies, banks and finance companies. Therefore, the conditions in which the motorcycle is found must be verified in a previous visit to the auction site, announced by the auctioneer.

Remember that for auction purchases the bids presented must be paid in cash. If you need to complete the budget to make the final purchase, there are options for that loan available in the market that will help you realize that dream.

Serving even those looking for new motorcycles, dealers have models that, added to the warranty, can be very worthwhile in the final cost benefit.

Sometimes if we prioritize a low value, we end up in trouble which can end up setting up a bad deal in the future, sometimes not so far.

The research the buyer needs to do to find the best prices and payment terms can also be done online. After all, many dealers use vehicle buy and sell websites to advertise their motorcycles at very competitive prices.

Therefore, if you find a cheap bike from dealers and are interested, contact and negotiate.

Remember that motorcycles sold by resellers have regulated documentation and revised mechanics, so prices can be higher than when negotiated with individuals.

Physical person

This is generally the most popular way to buy and sell used motorcycles in Brazil. However, among all of them, it is the one with the highest percentage of uncertainty when it comes to making a good deal.

The lack of warranty, the possibility of being a victim of fraud or embezzlement, acquiring the motorcycle with debt, among others: this set of factors makes the purchase of cheap motorcycles something to be done with extreme caution.

Researching the seller and making sure you have all their contact details is extremely important. The transfer of documentation is mandatory by law, so never accept to pay just the amount without the transfer of the document being carried out.

Take the motorcycle to a mechanic you trust so he can check the conditions it is in, so you have an endorsement from the mechanic on the operation and maintenance history of the motorcycle.

Considerations when buying a cheap motorcycle
Now that we know which places to buy and the risks some of them may pose, it’s important to know some tips on how to buy no matter where you are.

So check out some tips on care needed when buying a cheap motorcycle.

Trade with individuals or at auctions

If you are going to do this, find out the motorcycle’s chassis number and make an appointment with your state’s department of traffic. If the motorcycle has previously been auctioned, claimed or seized, it will be registered along with its history.

don’t go into debt

Avoid taking bikes that have any active debt. Sometimes the low price can be very attractive, but the headache of taking on debt that wasn’t yours may not make up for the initial discount.

Check the existence of the motorcycle

Never make purchases entirely online. As it is a physical asset, you must verify the existence of the motorcycle and the buyer, so never deposit or transfer any amount of money without first visiting the motorcycle in person and the seller or commercial representative representing the sale. responsible, have not met.

Consult the reseller’s CNPJ

It is possible to suffer scams, even from resellers who appear to be organized. That’s why it’s important to check the CNPJ number of the dealer offering the lowest price for the bike you’re interested in, and find out if it has a history of complaints from previous buyers.

not paid in advance

Under no circumstances make the payment or deposit in advance of the value of the motorcycle without both you and the buyer in the process of transferring the motorcycle documentation. This is one of the most common scams in the universe of crimes committed in the purchase and sale of vehicles.

How to know if the bike is really cheap?

Finally, after knowing all the essential tips to make a good deal, the question remains: how will I know if the bike is really cheaper?

It is important to carefully research the average price for the motorcycle model you are looking for. And for that we have a range of tools at our disposal.

The most common is certainly the FIPE table, which will indicate month by month the average prices (and not exact prices) that vehicles have been sold in Brazil.

You can also consult by looking at the most diverse websites for buying and selling motorcycles, how many individuals and authorized dealers have offered their motorcycles.

In this way, it is possible to compare the average price of the model, and know if the value you have found is really lower than what has been practiced in the market for buying and selling motorcycles.

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