Brazil: Minas Gerais agribusiness performs “with the best result” in foreign sales of the entire historical series

Agribusiness exports in Minas Gerais, Brazil hit a record US$15.3 billion in 2022, “confirming the good performance of previous months”, it was “the best foreign sales result of the entire historical series”. In addition to the value, the volume, of 13.6 million tons, also stands out “the largest ever sold”. This was the information provided by the government of the state of Minas Gerais.

From January to December 2022, revenues increased by approximately 46%, compared to the same period in 2021. Shipments of agricultural products from Minas Gerais accounted for 38.2% of Minas Gerais exports, the highest percentage of historical series, which began in 1997 .

In the evaluation of the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Minas Gerais, Thales Fernandes, the agribusiness of Minas Gerais showed its strength and importance for the State, in a year characterized by the high demand for food worldwide and the increase in the insertion of food. of products from Minas Gerais in major international markets.

“Revenue is practically the sum of the amount collected in 2018 and 2019, the period before the start of the pandemic, when sales reached US$ 15.8 billion in the two years combined”, compare these responsibly.

The portfolio exported by agribusinesses in Minas Gerais comprises a mix of 608 different agricultural products, sent to 152 countries. The main destinations were China (US$4.6 billion), the United States (US$1.6 billion), Germany (US$1.5 billion), Italy (US$786 million) and Belgium (US$696 million).

The main product in the Minas Gerais agribusiness export basket, coffee produced a record and the best performance in exports, both in terms of value and volume. The segment reached US$6.9 billion (45% of the value exported by agromineiro), with the shipment of 28.5 million bags.

The result was driven by the significant increase in purchases by the most usual partners in Brazil, such as Germany, the United States and Belgium, in addition to another 65 international destinations.

Exports of the soy complex (grain, bran and oil) totaled US$3.6 billion (+49%) and 5.8 million tons shipped (+13%), a record for sales of the commodity.

Meats also set a record with revenue of US$1.7 billion and 418 thousand tons. Sales have already grown and received a significant increase.

Beef led shipments in the segment with US$1.4 billion and 233 thousand tons. The main buying countries were China (US$1.2 million), United Arab Emirates (US$66 million), Singapore (US$58 million) and Hong Kong (US$52 million).

Chicken meat had a good performance with records of US$335 million and 159 thousand tons shipped.

In the sugar and alcohol complex, there was also a record with US$ 1.4 billion and a volume of 3.6 million tons exported, which represented a 21% increase in revenue compared to 2021.

Ígor Lopes

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