BBB23: Tina bakes a cake and sings happy birthday to her daughter

Tina found a way to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, even though she was limited to BBB23. On the evening of this Tuesday, January 24, she gathered the contestants in front of a camera and everyone sang happy birthday.

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Before the music came a short speech by the marketing analyst. She spoke on the subject of her daughter’s party and said that, despite the longing, she wanted to see her only in three months.

“Daughter, I could not be with you today. And it was the best I could do. I’m here to tell you how much I love you and to let you know that when I leave, we’re having a neon party. I miss you so much, but I don’t want to see you now, no. Just three months from now (laughs)”, he declared.

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All participants sang congratulations, while the model held a brigadeiro with fruit, which represented candles. Before starting the speech, the members of the xepa were careful not to touch any of the utensils in the VIP kitchen.

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