Asibama calls for renewal of Ibama’s superintendent in Rio

While the new president of Ibama, Rodrigo Agostinho, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva, have not defined the names that will occupy the leadership positions in the guide, it remains for the servers to express their wishes. In a letter sent to the two, the Association of Federal Servants of the Environmental Area in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Asibama-RJ) defended the renewal of the leadership of the Superintendency of Ibama in Rio (Supes-RJ). The former superintendent, Daniel Charlington, a lawyer appointed to the Bolsonaro government, was fired on January 13. Since then, the post has not been mentioned.

“Considering the context of the recent dismissals from the leadership positions of the state superintendencies of Ibama, Asibama/RJ, representative of the federal environmental civil servants of the state of Rio de Janeiro, goes public to defend that the nomination to accept the Supes / RJ reflects the current moment of renewal and that the indicated profile offers experience and commitment to the socio-environmental agenda, in addition to the ability to engage with the servers and employees of the institution”, defends the letter signed by Asibama-RJ is. Servers also reinforce the importance of overcoming the “deterioration promoted by the militarization of the institution in recent years”.

The letter differs from an official letter signed by 25 Ibama employees and contractors, who asked that Daniel’s reinstatement be considered. The text also indicates the current replacement, Adilson Gil, environmental analyst and career server, as another possibility to lead Supes-RJ.

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