A senile decree and the lands of the Veadeiros National Park

On June 25 last year, ICMBio claimed ownership of 1,838 hectares in the Chapada dos Veadeiros national park, but federal judge Eduardo Luiz Rocha Cubas claimed in January that the request was outside the legal deadline, as more than 5 years after the expansion of the protected area, on 5 June 2017. The magistrate she decree of 1941.

However, the decision may conflict with the legislation that rules conservation units, from 2000, which do not set a deadline for their land regulation, and with a decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), from 2018, which require a law passed in Congress to reduce the limits of these reserves.

Still without a new president, ICMBio has until February 16 to challenge Rocha Cubas’ decision. The dispute may affect the settlement of other nature conservation units. A final decision can rest with the Regional Court of the 1stThe Region.

The disputed lands are in Cavalcante (GO) and in the name of Associação Fraterna Mundo Novo. The farm is occupied news in 2004 for alleged association with the former Secretary of Communications and Strategic Management, Luiz Gushiken, who died in 2013, and the former Civic House advisor Waldomiro Diniz, convicted and stuck in 2012 for corruption.

The thesis that ecological reserve lands must be regulated within 5 years was the subject of bills by Federal Deputy Pinheirinho and his father, former Federal Deputy Toninho Pinheiro. Both are from PP-MG. In 2017, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) evaluated that Pinheiro’s proposal violates the Federal Constitution.
In 2017, the territory of the Veadeiros National Park was expanded from 65 thousand hectares to 240 thousand hectares. As showed ((o))eco, at least 214 land processes have since been submitted by ICMBio.

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