5 recipes with different cabbage for a change on the menu | Recipe

Whether green or purple, the cabbage It is a super versatile ingredient and can be used in the composition of pureessalads, fillings and various other preparations. In addition, the ingredient has a range of antioxidants and therefore has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

Want to know how to include it vegetables on your menu? THE Vogue House have separated 5 different recipes with cabbage for you to try. Enjoy:

1) Grilled tuna with mashed cabbage

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To start this list, we have a sophisticated and very tasty dish: a tuna sealed with mashed potatoes of red cabbage. Here the vegetables are sauteed and whipped with cream, butter, salt and pepper. The recipe is served at the CÔL restaurant, in São Paulo, and even accompanies a red fruit sauce. Did you feel like it? See the step by step!

2) Roasted coleslaw

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In this recipe, taught by chef Thiago Medeiros, the cabbage is served roasted and takes on a caramelized texture reminiscent of butter. The plant enters into the composition of a salad with nuances bitter sweetis prepared with green beans, mango, tangerine, garlic and fennel. See how to do it!

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Cabbage is included in this classic recipe for chicken salami, is used raw. To complete and bring a differential, the dish is served with chestnut cream and manioc spread with turmeric. The creation is by chef Michelle Mística, at the head of the Akan restaurant, in São Paulo. Unsubscribe!

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Here, cabbage is used in the preparation of a filling, which also takes pork and carrot. well, the guiozas they are bathed in a sauce made of burnt honey, smoked paprika and fleur de sel, which gives the dish a special touch. The recipe for this snack is served at the Hocus Pocus bar in São Paulo. Try it!

5) Coleslaw with shitake

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If you want a healthy and practical option for your day to day, bet on this coleslaw with shitake and carrot. The recipe is a proposal from chef Thiago Medeiros and also takes tofu, eggplant and ginger. The dish is proof that a salad can be delicious and not boring at all. Learn to prepare!

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